Часто задаваемые вопросы

What type of WoW account can I purchase?

Our website is in possession of variety of approved accounts which consistency depends on the price tag.

How do I sell my account?

Fill in the “Selling an Account” form and submit it to us. A member of our team will contact you regarding the details and agreement on the price.

How do I purchase an account?

Select the account You would like to purchase. After the payment you would then receive the account information via email.

How legitimate are the accounts?

Every account is observed carefully by a member of our team to ensure the reliability and quality of our products.

How safe are the operations?

In our shop we only sell accounts that were obtained directly from their owners with their full information. We guarantee the complete safety of our products. 95% of our closed deals are executed professionally and at a high standard, but if you get into the 5% then we will compensate all the expenses.

How can I pay?

By default you can pay via PayPal. To pay via debit or credit card please write a request in support chat. All prices are set in Euro.