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Best Healer Tier List / Rankings for WoW Classic - Phase 3 Blackwing Lair

Rounding out our Phase 3 tier lists, we're looking at healers in Blackwing Lair. Just like our previous article for Molten Core, we're using the parses record on WarcraftLogs in order to see what healers are being used in Blackwing Lair and how they're performing against one another. As before, these lists are community driven, based on the classes being utilized within the raid; we all know Classic is an imbalanced game due, with all the myriad effects and abilities brought by various classes emphasizing group composition and class stacking far more than retail. This is a shorter and more direct comparison, since there are only a few healing classes in the game, though there are still areas in which utility, efficiency, and unique raid buffs or debuffs can make a difference beyond who puts out the most healing - the same way damage dealers prioritize faster kills for higher DPS, quicker kills also require less healing to get through.

Source: https://classic.wowhead.com/news=311364/best-healer-tier-list-rankings-for-wow-classic-phase-3-blackwing-lair

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