Legendary Cloak Cap Increased to Rank 11 - Details and Requirements

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

After the Weekly Reset has completed in your region on February 18th (NA) / 19th (EU), the Legendary Cloak cap will be increased to Rank 11. This week, upgrading the Cloak will get you more Corruption Resistance AND a large amount of Sanity protection, making this a large upgrade week! However, you'll need at minimum 4 runs to complete this objective.What Upgrade Does the Cloak Get This Week?

Upgrading your Cloak to the new cap of Rank 11 will earn you 7 more Corruption Resistance and 15% more Sanity Protection, for a new total of 42 Corruption Resistance and 65% Sanity Protection.

RankItem LevelCorruption ResistanceSanity Loss Reduction

What Are the Requirements?

As usual, Wrathion will have a new quest for you this week that you can pick up inside the Heart Forge. The Horrific Vision of Stormwind is active this week and we have an Stormwind Overview and Creature Ability guides.

The Rank 11 quest requires 8 Torn Page of "Fear and Flesh" which requires a minimum of 4 runs. Torn Page of "Fear and Flesh" are obtained from completing Corrupted or Lost areas; every Corrupted or Lost area that you complete, you will get 1 page up to a maximum of 2 Torn Page of "Fear and Flesh" per run.

This means that you should focus on completing two side objectives in your 2 Horrific Vision runs this week, as you don't even need to defeat Alleria to get your pages. And don't worry, if you don't get all your pages in 4 runs, you can always run more to get the remaining pages.

Source: https://www.wowhead.com/news=311251/legendary-cloak-cap-increased-to-rank-11-details-and-requirements

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