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Shadowlands Alpha Encrypted Build

Blizzard has shipped another encrypted Shadowlands Alpha build,, the second build of the week. Since it's encrypted, we're unable to datamine it. Last week, the Battle.net App was updated to support Encrypted Shadowlands builds and the first 9.0 build (33411) hit. Then yesterday, build 33451 also hit. There's still no release date for Shadowlands but you can catch up on the new expansion features like Torghast and Covenants in our expansion overview. It's still unclear when datamining for Shadowlands could start, as PAX East takes place later this week, a large event featuring many game announcements as well as traveling content creators which could detract from Shadowlands hype. Source: https://www.wowhead.com/news=311381/shadowlands-alpha-encrypted-build-9-0-1-33480

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