In order for us to maximise customer satisfaction we offer a lifetime warranty which starts with the completed purchase and has no expiration date. In extreme cases when account, becomes unplayable we will take action to recover it. The issues are usually resolved at that stage but if the problem still exist then the buyer will receive a refund in a form of store credit. 

Customer experiencing a problem within 3 months will receive a 100% compensation. 

Customer experiencing a problem between 3 months and 6 months will receive a 50% compensation. 

Customer experiencing a problem after 6 months will receive a 25% compensation. 



1 - Warranty works only for account retrievals by original owners. 
2. There are no refunds if a buyer has a change of heart and doesn’t enjoy the account anymore. 
3. Refund is not applied if a buyer resells the accounts, gifts it or shares account login with other people. 
4. Warranty voids if an attempt of retrieving the payment was executed by a customer. 
5. Buyer receives compensation in form of store credit or same-quality account. 
6. Warranty voids if the account receives ban for inappropriate actions of the new owner.